Wildcats News · New Varsity Football Head Coach- Wes Gillman

Franklin County High School has officially named Mr. Wes Gillman as their new Varsity Football Head Coach following the retirement of former head coach Mr. Kirk Kennedy. Mr. Gillman had been an assistant coach for the program this last season and was the head coach at Oldenburg Academy for four years prior. We talked to Mr. Gillman and got his thoughts on some topics:

  1. How do you plan on getting the declining numbers of players to get back to where they should be?

“I think football has to be inviting for the kids. I think as a head coach, my responsibility is to develop a relationship with my players. I want my players to know I will do anything and everything to make them successful and in return they will play hard for me and my staff.”

2. What can you take from your experience while coaching at Oldenburg and bring to Franklin County?

“What to expect and the responsibilities as a head coach are two main things I took away from coaching at Oldenburg. I learned to have a ton of patience and perseverance…to always keep shooting for things I believe in.”

3. As a former quarterback yourself, do you see the passing game becoming more useful this coming season?

“I get that question a lot but I was never really a pass all the time guy. I think you do what your personnel allows you to do. In my playing days, the quarterback was a huge part in the running game. The defense had to account for both the run and the pass from the QB. That’s what I expect us to get back to.”

4. Can you tell me a little bit about your family and the support they have given you since taking the job?

“I am married to the most amazing person in the world, Gina. We grew up together and it wasn’t always easy but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We have three amazing kids, my daughter Alexis (13), who will be a freshman at the high school next year, my son Quinn (11), who is in fifth grade, and my son Gunner (4), who always keeps us on our toes. No matter what is happening in football, coaching, or my professional life, I can always go home and know that’s where my life is. My family means more to me than anything.”

Thank you for your time Coach Gillman and good luck in the upcoming season! Go Cats!