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Multiple Teams · Senior Bio – Johnathan Hagerty

Johnathan Hagerty is the lone senior on the 2016-2017 Franklin County Boys Basketball Team. John is the son of Vanessa Miller and John Hagerty. J-Hags grew up in Greensburg and went to St. Mary’s and North Decatur before coming to Franklin County his 7th grade year. John is an avid Bleacher Bum. We asked Johnathan a few questions:

What got you started on basketball?

“I’ve played since I was really young.”

How many years have you played?

“About 12 years.”

What is your biggest accomplishment in basketball?

“I’m the only one in my class that has made it this far in basketball.”

Where do you plan on going to college?


What other hobbies do you have?

“Football and dancing.”

Favorite place to eat?

“Hooters. Great service.”

Favorite Color?



We next asked John 3 Christmas trivia questions:

How many reindeer are there?

“I don’t even know the song. Like 9.”

How fast does Santa’s sleigh go?

“That’s a good question… 137 miles per hour.”

What did you ask Santa for Christmas?

“*Proceeds to sing I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas*. And shoes.”