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Boys Junior Varsity Soccer, Boys Varsity Soccer · 2016 North vs. South Boys Soccer Games

On Sunday, November 7, 2016, coaches Daniel Gartenman and Jason Hedges of the Franklin County boys soccer team along with six varsity players: Freshman Reese Catron, Sophomore Tommy Ratz, Junior Spencer Catron, Junior Alex Hedges, Junior Brennan Meyers, and Senior Jake Surber travelled to Danville High School in Indianapolis, Indiana to play and coach in the Indiana Elite North vs. South All Star Games, the boys representing Franklin County on the South teams in all of the games.

The day started off with Reese and Tommy playing in the Medium School Underclassman Game, the South winning 6-1. That game was followed by Spencer Catron, Alex Hedges, and Brennan Meyers playing in the Medium School Junior Game, the North winning 3-1. Next was Jake Surber playing in the Medium School Seniors Game, the game ending in a 2-2 tie, but the South was able to win in PK’s 4-2. After that was the Big School Senior Game, the North winning 7-0, and the day ended with the Big School Junior Game, the North winning 3-1.

Coaches Daniel Gartenman and Jason Hedges coached the Medium School Senior South Team together, but were split in the Big School Senior Game. They both coached the North teams for the rest of the day, due to IHSAA rules that a coach cannot coach his own players in the off-season.


Here are a few quotes from the day’s participants:

Coach Gartenman: “It was a very long, yet fun day.  It’s exciting to see so much talent in one place and see where your team and players stack up.  I was happy to see our all-stars hold their their own against some of Indiana’s best.  I felt honored to be offered to opportunity to coach all of the all-stars, and the soccer exhibited all day was beautiful.  The day was a perfect example of why I love the sport I coach. Speed, skill and strength were all on display yesterday.  Every player showed all three attributes, much like the skills our players exude every day.”

Coach Hedges: “It was an honor and a privilege to coach in this amazing event, thanks to all the players who participated and who were true scholar athletes. Each player was gracious and hard-working. What made it so special were the players who represented Franklin County. Jake, Alex, Brennan, Spencer, Tommy, and Reese, you made your school, community, parents, and coaches very proud.”

Jake Surber: “We put on our hard hats, grabbed some nails, and went to work.”

Brennan Meyers: “It was an honor to get selected for the North vs. South All-Star Game. It was a lot of fun, and there were a lot of good players there. It made it even better that I got to travel up there with so many of my teammates and coaches, too.”

Spencer Catron: “I had a good time. It was fun to compete against other all-stars. It was too bad that we couldn’t get the win.”

Alex Hedges: “It was a good learning experience for me and despite the loss, it was an honor just playing on the team.”

Tommy Ratz: “It was a really good experience.”

Reese Catron: “The all-star game was a lot of fun and I would be happy to do it again.”



Coach Daniel Gartenman, Spencer Catron, Brennan Meyers, Alex Hedges, and Coach Jason Hedges together after the Medium School Junior Game.


Goalie Brennan Meyers punts a ball in the first half of the Medium School Junior Game.

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Coaches Daniel Gartenman and Jason Hedges with their five teams for the day. Jake Surber with his Medium School Senior team in the middle on the left (seated in the front row, second from the left).

IMG_1055 IMG_1057

Reese Catron and Tommy Ratz playing in the Medium School Underclassman Game.


Medium School Underclassman South Team. (Reese Catron seated on the left in front row, and Tommy Ratz seated on the right in front row.)


Medium School Junior South Team. (Alex Hedges kneeled in second row, third from the left. Spencer Catron kneeled in second row, third from the right. Brennan Meyers standing in third row, second from the left.)