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Boys Junior Varsity Soccer, Boys Varsity Soccer · Boys Soccer Season Review

For Boys’ Soccer at Franklin County High School this year, they were a step up from last year.  They won seven games compared to their four wins last year, and beat the school record for most wins in a regular season.  The highlight of the season was at the very start with a win over the alumni team, showing that they were ready to fight this season for every victory they could get.

Although the team plan on having ten wins this season, Coach Dan Gartenman could not be more impressed with the results.  The team had a great start to the season, almost overcoming the Batesville Bulldogs, which would have been the first win over Batesville in ten years.  The team hit a wall in the middle of the season when they had a few players out with injuries, but they did their best to bounce back.  The key to improving the team to the point that they were at at the start of the season were the summer workouts.

The EIAC season did not go exactly as expected.  The Wildcats managed to do better than last year, tying for sixth in the conference, but Gartenman had hoped for better.  If the team would have won their last game, they would have been fourth in the conference.

The team had two tournaments in the postseason.  The first took place Trinity Lutheran High School where the Wildcats lost their first game and won the second.  They ended up placing third in this tournament.  In the sectional tournament Franklin County got the bye for the first round and played Richmond Red Devils in the second round at Rushville Consolidated High School.  The team ended up losing to the Red Devils, due to frustration.  To improve for next year the team needs to learn to keep composure even when the game doesn’t go their way.

The goalkeeper, Brennan Meyers, who made 163 saves and the lead scorer, Tommy Ratz, who scored nine goals will not be leaving after this season.  The same can not be said for half of the back line and two of the team’s midfielders.  For Jake Surber, Austin Shaw, Joey Goins, and Cody McIntyre, this season was their last.  The rest of the team will have to work hard next year to meet the number of assists and keep as strong of a defense as these seniors had.  Everyone else plans on coming back next year, which keeps the number of substitutes up for this team.  Having so many substitutes was key to winning this year, because the Wildcats did not get winded as easily as other teams.  The new players who just started last year will gain skills over the summer that will help them to support the varsity team next year as substitutes or maybe even as starters.

Overall the team has done better than many of their rivals expected.  The team plans to keep striving for wins in future years, even with the loss of this years seniors.  This team will have the success they want as long as they train hard and keep their heads up.