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Multiple Teams · Coach’s Corner With Kirk Kennedy


Last week’s Homecoming victory on Friday night capped off a long and eventful week of festivities for the Wildcats’. On Sunday, October 2, the sectional bracket was drawn for the Wildcats as well. Coach Kennedy and his Wildcat football team now set their sights to the Batesville Bulldogs. Coach Kennedy was asked about how Batesville is different this year than they were last year. “They had a long time coach, Coach Heppner, resign at the end of the season taking most of his assistant coaches with him.” Kennedy knows more than most about how a coaching change will affect a team. “There is always a transition period when there is a coaching change in an organization. With this new, young coach, Batesville is not better nor worse. Just different.” With Batesville’s offensive strategies being much different than South Dearborn, the Wildcat defense will have to be prepared for multiple formations this week. “They like to run the spread against us. We will have to be prepared to cover many different formations this week. Our open-space tackling will be in a premium this week. We will need to line-up properly and keep the football in front of us to prevent big plays this week.” Coach Kennedy and his team have an optimistic outlook after the sectional draw. “I mean it’s exciting. Especially those few moments before we knew who we were going to have in the first round. We played them last week and were successful against them.” Kennedy knows that just because you beat a team once, that doesn’t mean it will automatically happen again. “We can’t let the fact that we already beat South Dearborn affect our mindset and our preparation that week. Any week of preparation is not only improving us for that week, but also for the rest of the year as well. For us to make a good run in the sectional bracket, we will have to be at our very best every week.” This Friday night after a marginal victory against South Dearborn, the Wildcat football team will face a “transitioning” Batesville team.

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