Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · Franklin County High School Girls Varsity Soccer beat Richmond High School 2-1

Thursday, September 17, 2015

5:00 PM

Franklin County High School

Richmond High School

Game Recap

FCHS Lady Wildcats stun Richmond Red Devils in “Come From Behind” win 2:1 on Thursday night, Sept 17, 2015

In a stunning performance by the Lady Wildcats, the End to End strategy carried out this season on the pitch by the Cats caught the Red Devils off guard, enabling FCHS to walk away with the win. A 0:0 match at half time, Richmond altered their line up to a more agile and faster front line to set up the cross and score seven minutes into the 2nd period. The wildcats continued their offensive mix & match of long balls , short penetrations and crosses to try an break down Nikki Mittenthal defensive stance in goal. Then with 20 minutes left, a short cross by Brenna Cooper across the goal mouth, a keeper miss enabled Gabby Mitchum to drive home the tying goal. This then seemed to last forever as the two team volleyed back and forth until 3 minutes in, Gabby Mitchum then pushed a pass to Stephanie “Reece” who blasted a goal from what is seen as here sweet spot midway between midfield and the 18 box. This gave the lead to the Wildcats and a stimulant that enabled them to hold on with the win 2:1.

The Red Devils had 9 shots on goal verses the Wildcats with 11. Terese Ariens posted 7 saves for the night and Nikki Mittenthal is awarded 5 for the Devils. This win brings the Wildcats to 4 in a row for the week.

Coach John Litchholt FCHS stated: ” Our seniors continue to be a solid foundation to this young team, helping the team navigate the highs and lows any season presents. This diverse group of players have never lost its focus from the beginning enabling the “End to End” play without losing sight of what it takes to win, and what it takes to be a team.”

Box Scores

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