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We are starting the Franklin County Athletic Hall of Fame this year.  I listed below important dates, the basic outline of of the HOF, and the Nomination Form.  There is also a designated spot on our website with this info.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Important Dates
* March 1, 2015 – HOF Nomination Forms are Due
* March 13, 2015 – FCHS HOF Committee will select its 2015 HOF inductees
* May 15, 2015 – HOF Induction (HOF induction will be combined with the Senior Athletic Banquet)
Basic Information on the HOF
      FCHS ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME PURPOSE  The purpose of the FCHS Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those FCHS athletes, coaches, administrators and volunteers who excelled in their respective sports or support roles.  This recognition will help maintain a sense of spirit and pride at FCHS and serve as a historical account of great athletic tradition at FCHS. ELIGIBILITY FOR NOMINATION Athletes are eligible for nomination 5 years after their class’s graduation.  Such athletes must have competed in an IHSAA sanctioned varsity sport at FCHS and must have excelled in such sport Coaches, Administrators and volunteers are eligible for nomination at any time.  Such individuals must have participated with distinction and made significant contributions to athletics at FCHS Once nominated, that individual will remain eligible for consideration indefinitely.  However, subsequent nominations or special circumstances could have an impact on future consideration      NOMINATIONS Anyone can nominate a person for consideration in the Hall of Fame as long as the nomination form is submitted by the due date. Nominations shall be made using a formal FCHS Hall of Fame nomination form which will be made available to the public in the FCHS office or on the school website. The nominator or petitioner must sign the nomination.  Unsigned nominations will be invalid. A person may receive many nominations but only one nomination is necessary for consideration Nominations should be mailed or given to the current FCHS athletic director directly.  Nominations can also be given and submitted through the current head coach of the sport that best represents the nominee. APPLICATION Once presented as an eligible nominee, He / She will be contacted and informed of the nomination by the FCHS athletic director.  An application packet will be sent to that individual upon acceptance of the nomination. Application information will include biographical information, statistics, records, achievements, etc.  that will aid the committee in the selection process.  Past as well as present accomplishments will be considered.  All applications will remain confidential and remain on file for future consideration in the Hall of Fame.  Applications will be due no later than March 12th, 2015 ELECTION / SELECTION PROCESS No more than 4 former athletes and one current/former administrator, coach, or special contributor will be inducted in the Hall of Fame in one School year.  The Committee will meet on March 13th, 2015 to select the inductees. FCHS ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME COMMITTEE The current FCHS Athletic Director will serve as chairman of the committee. The current FCHS Principal will serve on the committee. All current head coaches of IHSAA sponsored varsity sports at FCHS will serve on the committee. 2 at large members will be appointed by the current FCHS Athletic Director.  One at large member will be selected from our current School Board.  The second at large member will be a former Athletic Director, Principal, or Head Coach from FCHS.  The current FCHS Athletic Director will consider input from the current Hall of Fame committee when appointing at large members.   
HOF Nomination Form – link below